Massage chair Sanyo Masterhand DR-6100

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The Sanyo DR6100 Massage Chair is one of the most advanced massage chairs ever produced.

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The Sanyo DR6100 Massage Chair is one of the most advanced massage chairs ever produced. The Sanyo DR6100 massage chair has an automatic stiffness detection sensor for creating the perfect full body massage – it adjusts to your body’s needs for a targeted massage. The chair detects changes in perspiration and pulse rates when the massager heads touch stiff areas and judges pain and comfort accordingly.

The fully adjustable massage settings of the Sanyo DR6100 range from gentle massage to very firm Shiatsu massage.

Featuring state of the art detection and massage technology, the Sanyo DR6100 is the first of Sanyo’s Fifth generation of Shiatsu massage chairs. The chair is also equipped with the “Free Thumb” jointed massage head unit which is a newly developed system where the massage heads move freely like a thumb. This enables the chair to grip shoulder muscles and kneads them firmly, allowing the massage to concentrate specific areas.

The Sanyo DR6100 also comes with air massage attachments for arms or thighs – these inflate to grip and massage, relieving fatigue in all your muscles. In addition, three air bags are included for massaging the soles of your feet – the bags are inflated independently to thoroughly relax the soles and promote blood circulation.

Control Panel : Choose an automatic program or use the manual settings to create your own customised massage course. Large LCD displays massage settings and your physical condition in real-time.

Stiffness Detection Sensor : Sanyo HEC-DR6100 massage chair’s stiffness sensor adjusts massage intensity to your body’s needs. The sensor detects perspiration and changes in pulse when the massage heads reach your body.

The areas of body stiffness are displayed on the monitor. Whether you’re relaxed or tense, the degree of muscle stiffness is displayed in real-time. The stiffness sensor automatically adjusts the massage program to your specific needs and current condition.

Shoulder Squeeze Kneading Massage The shoulder squeeze kneading feature grips and soothes your shoulder muscles, gently massaging away tension. The shoulder massage is an essential skill for a massage lounger – another area where Sanyo technology excels.

The jointed massage head reaches up to the shoulders to firmly grasp and knead. It extends close to 16cm, giving you a deeply relaxing shoulder massage.

Features :
- Electronic Fully-Automatic Reclining
- Professional Hand Massage System
- Airbags to Promote Circulation
- Easy Roll Casters
- Automatic Settings
-- Stiffness,
-- Recovery,
-- Relaxing.

  • Consumption : 290 W
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage : 220-240 V
  • Dimension sitting : 115 x 75 x 120 cm (L x w x h)
  • Lying dimension : 195 x 75 x 65 cm (L x w x h)
  • Empty weight : 82 Kg
  • Incline : 170°
  • Coating : Medical leather
  • Number of engines : 8
  • Number of rolls : 4
  • Number of airbags : 26
  • Heating System : Yes
  • Vibration massage : Yes
  • 3D massage : Yes
  • Bodyscan function : Yes
  • Detection of the morphology : Yes
  • Timer : 10 to 30 minutes
  • Automatic program : 8
  • Manual programming : Yes
  • Remote control : Standard with screen + Heartbeat sensor
  • Made in : Japan
Meyer 12/20/2013

Très satisfaits de notre achat

Très satisfaits de notre achat. Excellent rapport qualité / prix. Le Monde du Fauteuil Massant a parfaitement répondu à ce que nous cherchions depuis un long moment

Nicole Bairo 04/18/2012

Je suis très satisfaite

Je suis très satisfaite de l'achat de mon fauteuil Sanyo sur ce site, très bonne présentation des produits, très bon rapport qualité prix, livraison rapide avec prise de rendez-vous. Je vous recommande.

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Massage chair Sanyo Masterhand DR-6100

Massage chair Sanyo Masterhand DR-6100

The Sanyo DR6100 Massage Chair is one of the most advanced massage chairs ever produced.

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