Massage chair Inada Medical i.1

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Inada i.1 Massage Chair. World's first massage chair to understand your needs

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Inada i.1 Massage Chair. World's first massage chair to understand your needs

Full-body Relief : Relieves general discomfort and energizes your body.

Stiff Shoulders : Relieves soreness and releases stress in the neck and shoulders, often caused by long hours of desk or computer work.

Lower Back Tension : Relieves pain and releases tension in the lower back, often caused by lack of abdominal strength, physical exertion or long hours of standing.

Acupressure : Same as Full-body but based on acupressure techniques.

Legs and Hips Fatigue : Releases stress accompanied by pain or stiffness in the legs or gluteus muscles, and relieves tightness in the legs caused by physical exertion.

Seat : Relaxes gluteus muscles and stimulates the sacral area using air bags and vibration systems.

Morning : If you wake up tired after a full night's sleep, or otherwise feel generally fatigued, try this full-body warm-up. The Morning program stimulates and energizes from head to toe.

Nighttime: If you can't sleep because of stress or pain, or if you are overtired and can't let go, try Nighttime for a relaxing full-body massage before going to bed.

Only the Inada Massage Chair has "Ultra Slow" technology that allows the rollers to move like acupressure and kneading / tapping combination strokes.

  • Consumption : 210 W
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage : 220-240 V
  • Dimension sitting : 118 x 83 x 120 cm (L x w x h)
  • Lying dimension : 190 x 83 x 90 cm (L x w x h)
  • Empty weight : 79 Kg
  • Incline : 170°
  • Coating : Medical leather
  • Number of engines : 6
  • Number of rolls : 4
  • Number of airbags : 14
  • Heating System : No
  • Vibration massage : Yes
  • 3D massage : Yes
  • Bodyscan function : Yes
  • Detection of the morphology : Yes
  • Timer : 10 to 30 minutes
  • Automatic program : 8
  • Manual programming : Yes
  • Remote control : Standard with screen
  • Made in : Japan
Cristelle Cottereau 04/7/2012

Livraison rapide

Je note particulièrement la livraison rapide et faite le jour exact prévu (qui était pour moi très important vu que le lendemain je partais en vacances) et le livreur très aimable... merci.

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Massage chair Inada Medical i.1

Massage chair Inada Medical i.1

Inada i.1 Massage Chair. World's first massage chair to understand your needs

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