Massage chair Inada 3.A

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The massage chair Inada 3.A is a product of the Japanese high technology, capable of reproducing many techniques of Shiatsu.

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Shiatsu is in all its forms with the Inada massage chair 3.A

The Inada massage chair 3.A is a product of high technology Japanese, able to reproduce a large number of techniques of Shiatsu. It is equipped with a detector Shiatsu points out that target areas to be massaged and adapts to any corpulence.

Thanks to a clever combination of air chambers and rollers, the chair is able to provide unparalleled quality massage, very close to a traditional massage manual. This is an extremely powerful chair. All the tensions in your body will be relieved with the Inada 3.A. Your health is your well-being, and it is important to be healthy to live moments of pure happiness.

With a weight of 85 kg, the Inada massage chair 3.A is a chair light, comfortable and enveloping. You have the impression of being in a cocoon. The chair has a synthetic leather cover black or beige, depending on your choice. The coating has benefited especially effective treatment in the design to prevent any training and development of bacteria over time.

Fully manipulable, the massage chair has an inclination of 170 °. It works with a voltage of 220-240 volts. In other words, this chair reclines to the horizontal which will stretch your entire body to provide an incomparable feeling of well-being. You can if you want to recline, or leg or both. This is really a product of exceptional quality.

Inada 3.A is a chair massage simple to use

This chair has 12 unique massage programs for your greatest happiness. These programs include among others the revitalization of the body, relaxing massage or stretching all the muscles and tendons of the body, they relieve pain in the neck and shoulders and your lower body back.

These 12 massage programs are divided into three modes: Health (for those with back problems, the tendons or other), Fast (for those who are pressed for time), Well-being (for those who have just need to relax and unwind). Everything has been designed to best meet your needs.

The massage chair has even a massage program fully adapted to seniors. Inada chair 3.A is ideal for all. In other words the Inada massage chair 3.A is able to automatically locate shiatsu points that are different for each person. Because shiatsu points are precisely identified, the tension in the shoulders can be alleviated effectively. You can see its effectiveness when you feel the full benefit of therapy shiatsu points, in accordance with professional massage techniques.

A recently developed technology which is to combine air chambers and roller massage provides the closest manual massage.

• Deep massage of the lower back - reached the lower parts of the back, where fatigue has accumulated.
The rollers are disposed on a distance of 19 cm from the center of the spine up to the outer part of the lower back.

Provides full support of the pelvis during the shiatsu massage performed by a massage technique manual.
Bascule - a feeling of relaxation. The pelvis is fully maintained by pockets of air, providing the sensation of being in a cradle.

Lean forward. While maintaining the air pockets legs straight, this position provides a stretching of the calf which will in the upper part of the thigh. Ability to fully extend the back

Stretching torso
The stretching of the torso can be achieved by combining a massage of the trapezoids and a back massage using the air compartments.
This provides a horizontal stretch full body.

Full body stretch
The combined action of the air pockets that hold the legs and the seat-back, provides a complete stretching of the body which extends from the spine to the front legs. This allows the body to be stretched vertically and horizontally.

The chair includes 12 programs so that each family member may, at any time of day or night, relieve symptoms due to fatigue.

1. Health Programs

2. Program for the whole body

3. Program for the shoulders

4. Stretching program advanced

5. Moderate stretching program

6. Program for low back
Regeneration and revitalization.
Relieves stiff neck and shoulders.
Relieves muscle tension in the lower back due to sports activities or stations standing in the framework of activities.
Includes complete programs stretching for the entire body.
Moderate stretching program Similar to above but lighter.

7. Program for the whole body

8 Program shoulders
Provides a quick massage and rejuvenating.
Provides a quick massage concentrated on the shoulders.
Program in the lower back.
Provides a quick massage of the lower back.

9. Program seat

10. Program switches
Provides a quick massage and rejuvenating.
Provides a quick massage concentrated on the shoulders.
Provides a gentle massage and slow.

11. Senior Program
Similar to above but lighter.

12. Youth program
Provides a low-impact massage which has the effect of relieving tense muscles and tired of young adults.

- Massage ultra-realistic. 3D massage.
- Possibility to adjust the depth of the rollers.
- Adjust the intensity of the massage.
- Complete, incredible finesse and subtlety in the massage.
- Programmes automatic programming manual, ultra complete customization.
- Adaptation based on morphology.
- Automatic positioning according to the height of the shoulders.
- Detection system Shiatsu points.
- The whole body is in perfect contact with the Inada chair 3.A.
- Automatic adjustment depending on the size.
- Remote easy to use.
- Designed for demanding users waiting for a real health benefit.
- Middle therapeutic surprising that helps effectively against health problems.
- An ideal supplement for people in treatment for chronic diseases.
- Does not require maintenance.

  • Consumption : 140 W
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage : 220-240 V
  • Dimension sitting : 140 x 75 x 120 cm (L x w x h)
  • Lying dimension : 200 x 75 x 90 cm (L x w x h)
  • Empty weight : 95 Kg
  • Incline : 170°
  • Coating : Medical leather
  • Number of engines : 8
  • Number of rolls : 4
  • Number of airbags : 48
  • Heating System : Yes
  • Vibration massage : Yes
  • 3D massage : Yes
  • Bodyscan function : Yes
  • Detection of the morphology : Yes
  • Timer : 10 to 30 minutes
  • Automatic program : 12
  • Manual programming : Yes
  • Remote control : Standard
  • Made in : Japan

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Massage chair Inada 3.A

Massage chair Inada 3.A

The massage chair Inada 3.A is a product of the Japanese high technology, capable of reproducing many techniques of Shiatsu.

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